Gaming illuminaughty Customer Reviews:


Best place for otakus

Cool ass app

Needs some fixes

This app is alright but its initial start up takes too long. Also i've recently had a problem where the notification from this app won't go away cause my phone to vibrate Non-Stop

Edited: removed for spamming notifications!

I was just woken up by a billion notifications from the app at one time. When I tried to open it to turn off push notifications, the app wouldn't even open. Just uninstalled.

Informative and Diverse

I love the wide range of news which is reported on in this app, however, it does have some technical problems.

Great app

Great but...

Gi app has been A1 until a glitch that has me unable to read any articles since 2 weeks ago. I get notifications and can read the article from there but am u able to ever read it again as the article does not appear for me.


Keeps me up on everything

Decent but buggy

Few bugs here and there but I only use the app for like 10 Minutes a day. So overall it's okay but not perfect


Best source of gaming information

Great app

Could have a better UI, but I know you guys just started

Good shit

Keep on doing the good work


Down to earth gaming and nerd news. What's not to love?


Its dope but it's been crashing recently

Diggin' This

I'm always up-to-date with news, even if it's a topic I don't pay attention to. Good app for gaming information as well. Will definitely recommend.

Great mobile app

Cool app

It's nice


The best gaming news app

Great app

A solid app and if u want gaming, music, anime news download this app

Great app

Great app

Everything is simple and easy to use plus quick update

Exactly what I want in a app

It's easy to navigate and source of information just like TBH said awhile back💯


This app is very helpful

Great app

Has everything you can imagine. Great app for music, anime, games, comics. Really good and it's free so support it!!


Cool app for gaming news.

Pretty decent

Nice app although comments could be under the articles like the pc site

Amazing app, always keeps me updated with.... everything really

Yo wtf

App crash on startup.

I love you guys I'm glad I downloaded the app because YouTube doesn't always work. ✴✴✴✴✴

Very informative

Always getting up to date notices on Nerd culture

No where but up

Great app. It. Has everything for my gaming, music, anime, and comic needs



Great app

I check it multiple times a day constantly updated throughout the day with great articles highly recommend for all audiences from gaming to music even anime


Just a fan of this man

This app is awesome when it wants to work. If you guys can fix the bug where only the home screen shows and nothing else this would be 5 stars no doubt. Hopefully it gets fixed.

Awesome GI app

Pretty much perfect.


Keeps me informed on entertainment alone

This is the best app on my phone

I find out stuff here i wouldn't hear about for another week without this app

GI App is great

The design of the app is beautiful and there is a constant flow of content/news articles that are uploaded everyday. These articles include topics like gaming, anime, comics, and even music. I definitely recommend if you are a fan of any those things or if you just want to know whats going on in the gaming world.